The programme

Wednesday, 5th June, 2013

    9:00Fusion reactors


    Chaired by K.Nordlund

    1. 09:00M. Mayer, M. Balden, L. Ciupínski, S. Lindig, A. Manhard, E. Markina, O.V. Ogorodnikova, T. Schwarz-Selinger, Deuterium retention in tungsten and the influence of radiation damage and material structure.
    2. 09:40S. Numazawa, B.J. Thijsse, Multi-timescale modeling of helium induced nano-fuzz structure formation on a tungsten surface.
    3. 10:00S.M. Dubiel, J. Cieślak, H. Reuther, On the effect of He+ irradiation on the presurface zone of Fe-Cr alloys.



    Chaired by H. Brongersma

    1. 10:20R. Ter Veen, M. Fartmann, B. Hagenhoff, Low energy ion scattering: quantitative surface analysis from theory to practice.
    2. 11:00Coffe break

    11:30Helium ion microscopy 1


    Chaired by R. van Gastel

    1. 11:30D.C. Joy, Scanning ion microscopy - 21st century imaging.
    2. 12:10D. Dowsett, L. Pillatsch, N. Vanhove, T. Wirtz, S. Sijbrandij and J. Notte, Towards SIMS on the helium ion microscope: detection limits and experimental results on the orion.
    3. 12:30I. Shorubalko, Aspects of nanostructuring by Helium Focused beam.
    4. 12:50E. van Veldhoven, D.J. Maas, Helium ions to image and to modifiy materials.
    5. 13:10Coffe break

    14:20Helium ion microscopy 2


    Chaired by D. Joy

    1. 14:20R. van Gastel, G. Hlawacek, V. Veligura, H. Zandvliet, B. Poelsema, UHV helium ion microscopy: ionoluminescence as a probe for keV He beam interactions.
    2. 15:00Y. Petrov, O.F. Vyvenko, Scanning reflection ion microscopy in helium ion microscope.



    Chaired by R. van Gastel

    1. 15:20D. Jun, L. van Kouwen, P. Kruit, First focused ion beam images using a novel electron impact gas ion source.
    2. 15:40A. Delobbe, V. Morin, O.Salord, P. Sudraud, New developments in focused ion beam and associated applications.
    3. 16:00N. Wehbe, M. J. Eller, M. Noun, P. Philipp, S. Della-Negra, Characterization of novel gold LMIS delivering projectiles up to nanoparticle sizes for organic SIMS applications. .
    4. 16:20Closing remarks