The programme

Tuesday, 4th June, 2013

    9:00Surface modification 1


    Chaired by M.Aziz

    1. 09:00A. Vantomme, Ion nanopatterning of metal surfaces: ripples or scratches?
    2. 09:40R. Schott, M. Kwiatek, S. Scholz, P. Mazarov, S. Bauerdick, L. Bruchhaus, R. Jede, D. Reuter, A. Ludwig, A.D Wieck, Focused ion beam induced growth of GaAs and InAs nanowires on GaAs (111)b substrates.
    3. 10:00P. Mazarov, S. Bauerdick, L. Bruchhaus, R. Jede, R. Schott, M. Kwiatek, A.D Wieck, Gallium free focused ion beam lithography system and its applications.
    4. 10:20R. Cuerno, Surface nanostructuring by ion-beam irradiation: continuum descriptions.
    5. 11:00Coffee break

    11:30SIMS & depth profiling 2


    Chaired by H.Gnaser

    1. 11:30A. Delcorte, B. Czerwinski, T. Mouhib, O.A. Restrepo, V. Lebec, V. Cristaudo, C. Poleunis, Soft sputtering with supercluster beams: from nanoimpacts to molecular tomography.
    2. 12:10Y. Fleming, T. Wirtz, M. Gerard, U. Gysin, T. Glatzel, E. Meyer, U. Maier, U. Wegmann, Combined sims-spm instrument for high sensitivty and high resolution elemental 3D analysis.
    3. 12:30T. Nunney, A.E Wright, P. Mack, XPS depth profiling of organic and organic/inorganic multilayer systems with a combined monatomic and gas cluster ion source
    4. 12:50P. Konarski, M. Misnik, Storing matter SIMS experiments performed in one analytical chamber
    5. 13:10Lunch

    14:20Surface modification 2


    Chaired by R. Cuerno

    1. 14:20M. Aziz, Nanoscale morphology evolution under ion irradiation
    2. 15:00J. Williams, B. Haberl, S. Deshmukh, D. Oliver, and J.E Bradby, Focussed ion beam patterning and analysis of localised phase transformed and ion implanted regions in silicon and germanium.
    3. 15:20R. Böttger, M. Fritzsche, A. Keller, K.-H Heinig, L. Bischoff, B. Liedke, S. Facsko, Ion irradiation of Ge: from sponge-like structures to periodic patterns.
    4. 15:40H.-E. Zschau, M. Schütze, Ion beam modification and surface analysis to toughen materials for high temperature service conditions.
    5. 16:00A.I. Titov, P.A. Karaseov, V.S. Belyakov, A.V. Arkhipov, K.V Karabeshkin, L.M. Nikulina, Surface topography and swelling of gallium nitride bombarded by PFn ions.

    16:20Poster session



    1. 18:15Guided tour of Luxembourg City
    2. 20:30Workshop dinner