The programme

Monday, 3rd June, 2013

  1. 08:20Registration
  1. 08:50Opening remarks

9:00Ion -surface interactions


Chaired by A.Delcorte

  1. 09:00J. Matsuo, Secondary molecular ion emission with energetic cluster beam; toward applications in soft material analysis.
  2. 09:40R. Smith, Modelling sputtering and thin growth over realistic time scales.
  3. 10:00V. Popok, J. Samela, K. Nordlund,V.P Popov, Implantation of argon clusters and radiation damage in graphite and diamond.
  4. 10:20B. Czerwinski, A. Delcorte, MD simulation of the bidirectional particle emission from Au400 cluster impacts on amorphous carbon foils.
  5. 10:40S. Lindsey, G. Hobler, Simulation of glancing angle sputtering with a density gradient model to represent surface roughness.
  6. 11:00Coffee break

11:30SIMS & depth profiling 1


Chaired by J. Matsuo

  1. 11:30H. Gnaser, Cluster-ion bombardment of surfaces.
  2. 12:10K. Wittmaack, The electron-tunnelling model of secondary ion formation is dead. What is next?
  3. 12:30N. Wehbe, L. Houssiau,The effect of the cesium concentration on the charge state of the organic secondary ions investigated using TOF-SIMS and XPS.
  4. 12:50A. Tempez, S. Legendre, P. Chapon, Depth profile analysis by plasma profiling time of flight mass spectrometry.
  5. 13:10Lunch

14:20Plasma 1


Chaired by G.Henrion

  1. 14:20A. von Keudell, F. Mitschker, M. Prenzel, J. Benedikt, C. Maszl, W. Breilmann, Time resolved measurement of film growth during high power pulsed magnetron sputtering (HIPIMS).
  2. 15:00A. Michel, A. Fillon, G. Abadias, C. Jaouen, The influence of deposited energy and the effect of grain size on the compressive stress evolution and defect generation in sputtered thin films.
  3. 15:20R. Feder, H. Neumann, C. Bundesmann, B. Rauschenbach, Influence of process parameters on thin film properties of ion beam sputter deposited Ag.
  4. 15:40L. Xie , P. Brault, A.L Thomann, A. Caillard, Molecular dynamics simulations of plasma sputtering deposition and nanocluster growth on surface.
  5. 16:00A. Jana, L.G.V Briquet, P. Philipp, T. Wirtz, G. Henrion, Combined experimental and numerial study on titanium deposition on silicon in the sub-monolayer range.
  6. 16:20Coffee break

16:50Plasma 2


Chaired by A.von Keudell

  1. 16:50T. Tillocher, J. Ladroue, P. Lefaucheux, M. Boufnichel, R. Dussart, Plasma surface interactions in deep dry etching.
  2. 17:30G. Sinha, O. Heikkinen, M. Vestberg, L. Mether, K. Nordlund, J. Lahtinen., Adsorption of maleic anhydride on Pt (111).
  3. 17:50L. Mether, C. Turgut, K. Henriksson, K. Nordlund, P. Philipp, Numerical studies of hexane and alkyl deposition on silicon.
  4. 18:10X. Ajiasaijian, Y. Ohtomo, S. Ogawa, Y. Takakuwa, Development of a photoemission-assisted plasma ion source for atomic-scale surface planarization.