Topics and scope


The purpose of the workshop is to provide a discussion forum for researchers  working in different fields but with a common interest in processes based on low-energy eV to keV particle – surface interactions, including among others, surface analysis, materials processing and thin film deposition.


  • Techniques involving eV to keV particle – surface interactions
  • Modification of materials by eV to keV particle bombardment
  • Thin film growth by plasma or implantation-assisted techniques
  • Sputtering for analytical purposes
  • Helium Ion Microscope, SIMS (static and dynamic), FIB, LEIS
  • Other techniques using ion sputtering

Atomistic processes in eV - keV ion – surface interactions

  • Radiation-induced damage and defect production
  • Sputtering of matter
  • Properties of sputtered particles
  • Diffusion mechanisms in deposition or radiation processes
  • Novel and innovative methods to investigate the different processes
  • Theory and computer simulations
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to study ion – surface interactions
  • Low-energy particle – surface interactions
  • Interface formation
  • Materials modification